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Here, you can learn about climate change - the problems, causes, solutions and ways others are taking action - as well as discovering actions and steps you can take to tackle this climate crisis and bring justice to the world. This website is here to be a starter kit for your climate activism journey and to help in any way it can. Because when the earth needs us most, we can't back down, we must back 'An Domhain', ('the world' in Irish).


Hi. My name is Julie and I am a climate activist. I set up this website in hope that I can share the knowledge and skills I have obtained from my three years in climate activism, in the hope of helping you on your journey with activism too. I set up this website to create a space where the resources and help that I would've loved to have had at the start of my climate activism journey are. Please note I have no qualifications or PhD's and I am humbly giving you the information that I have learnt. I do ask that you go to my resources page and continue your research at websites with qualified information also.

Climate change effects everyone in this world and we can only stop it together. Climate activism is a crucial responsibility for all humans to take part in to save our world and our future. Activism is very important  when dealing with the climate crisis as it is a way to channel your anxieties and stresses into fixing the problem. You are one person out of many who have the same vision, a sustainable future of hope without the fears of the climate crisis and humanity ripping everything away. You can make your own change and have the power and will to do so!

I understand it can be overwhelming and terrifying with all of the information out there about climate change. It can be hard to find this information but also to know how to take actions to try to fix the problem. This website is here to make climate activism, finding information and taking actions easier so that everyone is capable of taking action, crucial action.

I hope that this website is helpful and that you enjoy your journey in climate activism and remember; don't back down even when times get tough,  always back an domhain, (the world in Irish) because it has always backed us in times of need.



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Quote of the Week:

“One of the biggest obstacles to making a start on climate change is that it has become a cliché before it has even been understood” – Tim Flannery