"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world." - Bruno Barbey

Here are some of my favourite photos that I took. I want to show the beauty of nature to everyone. I hope you enjoy them.

The Path Upwards

This photo really sums up climate action very well. Yes it will be an uphill journey and a tight path but it is the only way forward!

The Tree Thumb

Is it just me or does this tree stump look like a finger print?
The rings of a tree in their bark tell the whole story of the tree, like a human soul. You can tell how old the tree is, and how tough its life has been. You can tell when there was drought, excessive rain, diseases, injury, air pollution etc. The whole story of the tree is contained inside of it.

Our Saviour

This little bee does everything for humanity. The little bee keeps us alive by pollinating our world. Without bees humanity would not exist, if the bee population dies, the human population dies too.
But there have been huge declines in bee populations for many reasons, including climate change, insecticides and more.
This bee has to survive rain, birds, dogs, humans, chemicals, magazines, swatters, poison, winds and much more. Would you be able to survive a day as a bee, because I would not.
Please respect bees and take care of them. They are amazing creatures that keep us alive and deserve a proper and grateful thanks.