Global Climate Strike this Friday 25th of March

This Friday, March 25th 2022, thousands of people will take to the streets around Ireland and millions around the world for the next global climate strike!

#Peoplenotprofit is the key theme for this years strike. It is time to finally focus on the people of this world instead of money. That means to go against our capitalist society, which is clearly not working, and change the narrative for the good of the people and the planet.

As in the words of the Friday for Future movement on their website: "The catastrophic climate scenario that we are living in is the result of centuries of exploitation and oppression through colonialism, extractivism and capitalism, an essentially flawed socio-economic model which urgently needs to be replaced."

(Breaking this down we can find definitions for the key terms used.

Exploitation = "use or utilization, especially for profit. Selfish utilization." -

Oppression = "the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner." -

Colonialism = "the control of governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people."-

Extractivism = to find out more about extractivism read this amazing article on Unevenearth by Diana Vela Almeida.

Capitalism = "an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth." -

Socio-economic = "of, relating to, or involving a combination of social and economic factors" -

Quote continued: "A system where rich nations are responsible for 92% of global emissions, and the richest 1% of the world population are responsible for double the pollution produced by the poorest 50%.

Guided by historical struggles and lived experiences, led by the most affected people and areas (MAPA), we are demanding climate reparations."

To find out more about climate reparations, #peoplenotprofit and what Fridays For Future is, visit the Fridays For Future website.

If you want to take part in one of the strikes in Ireland check out the strike time and locations below. The Fridays For Future website also have a map of global strikes happening all over the world and resources on why and how to strike.

Belfast - 12pm at Spirit of Belfast statue, Cornmarket.

Cork - Grand Parade. Rally on at 12pm and summit at 1pm.

Derry - 3.30pm at the Guildhall Square in Derry.

Donegal - 10am to 1pm at Letterkenny Town Square.

Dublin - 1pm at Merrion Square South, Dublin.

Galway - 1.30pm at Eyre Square.

Sligo - Marching at 12pm from Doorley Park to Town Hall.

Check out these videos below from the different Friday For Future instagrams to hear why they are striking:

Here is a video from fridaysforfuture on instagram about the climate global strike across the world.

Here is a video from fridaysforfuturedublin on instagram about the 1st global climate strike that happened on March 15th 2019.

Here is a video from on instagram about how to strike online if you are unable to go to a strike in person.