Today is Earth Day!

Today, the 22nd of April 2021, is Earth Day. Earth Day is like a Mothers' or Fathers' Day for the Earth. It started back in 1970 and has been growing ever since. Today, Earth Day, can be your New Years Day, the day when you give up or take up anything for the rest of the year and are your best self. Today is the day to take up environmentally-friendly actions and give up unsustainable ones and keep it up for the whole year!

Earth Day is the perfect day to start your climate activism journey. It's one of the days, (even though it should be every day), that you can thank the Earth for everything it gives us.

So what can you do? What actions could you take? Here are some examples:

1. Cycle or walk to school.
2. Have no meat or dairy products today in any of your meals.
3. Turn off all electrical appliances, lights, phones for an hour or longer.
4. Do a rubbish clean up around your area.
5. Tell people about Earth Day, share the message so they can take action today too.
6. Write to your local TD's or to the Taoiseach regarding climate change and action.
7. Email companies about reducing their plastic and fossil fuel use.
8. On this sunny day, try to dry your clothes hanging up outside instead of in a drier.

If you go through the day being conscious of your impact on the Earth and how thankful you are to the Earth for everything, then you will immediately start acting in a more caring way towards the Earth and taking action will be even easier.

So even if you just do one action today, that is one action more, so do it for the Earth, as your gift on its special day.

Good Luck and enjoy changing the world,
Julie. - Visit this website for more information.